The Future of Agile in Africa: Challenges and Progress

The African continent is trailing behind in the adoption of agile compared to other continents as it faces wicked challenges and setbacks. According to Aanu Gopald however, the next two decades seem to be promising to the young continent, as tech startups, SMEs and large corporations are recognizing that a collaborative approach to product development leads to more productive and value-driven results.

Aanu Gopald, an enterprise agile coach, spoke about agility in Africa at the Agile Consortium Belgium 2021 conference.

Gopald mentioned that the African continent is still trailing behind, not just in adopting, but also in embracing the agile mindset compared to other continents in the world. She stated:

There is no better illustration of this than the fact that respondents from Africa accounted for just 2% of those polled for the 14th Annual state of Agile reports.

While this number is not a great picture on the grand scale, we cannot ignore the fact that Agile is ever so steadily creeping into the African corporate and software development spaces.

Recent years have seen more and more organizations—such as Sterling bank, MTN, Access Bank, Flying Doctors Nigeria and Interswitch—adopting agile ways of working and bringing in expert agile consultants to lead their transformation. Standard Bank, South Africa’s largest bank, has made a complete metamorphosis from traditional business models to the scaled agile framework…

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