The Future of Economic Transformation in Africa

The Dream for Agility in Africa

Today, I imagine a world where Scrum and other agile methods can propel Africa from an emerging continent to a world leader in business and agility; a giant that is fully roused. Her people will be first-class citizens. Imagine that girls in Africa could enjoy equal opportunities as boys: education, training, employment. Imagine that our governments were better equipped for strategic leadership and proper utilization of our vast resources. We would be on the highway of development, leading the nations in a blaze of glory. This is the Africa of my dream.

Decades ago, Africa was of little importance to the world, but this has recently changed. Today, Africa has become increasingly important to the global economy, holding an estimated 15 percent of the world’s energy resources and 60 percent of the world’s unused arable land.

In the last five years, the continent is growing in innovation and technology, birthing partnerships with huge fortune 500 organizations and global tech giants. These partnerships have given rise to the creation of the next generation of start-up companies, an emergence of tech hubs, resulting in new products, services, employment, and business advancement.

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