8. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); (function(global) { It has to be mixed with water for the best concentration. May, Its definitely a Levantine dish, but as far as originating from Syria or Palestine, your guess is as good as mine! these look AMAZING! You might also like these other recipes from the Zaatar and Zaytoun collection: Why not share our recipe with your friends? Twist the corer in circular movements and take out the flesh. I want to start by saying Falasteeni Foodie is my favourite chefs to follow. ';

Yesterday I made this delicious Kusa recipe for my guests and it was so good everyone one the table kept saying how delicious it was and the best I ever made. ), so at first I wasnt sure how to make this dish with our jumbo-sized zucchini. Place a layer of sliced potato, then a layer of stuffed grape leaves. input.placeholder = ''; fields[i].style['display'] = 'none'; If youve tried this recipe, dont forget to rate it and leave a comment below! Dont overstuff them! Enough water to cover all of the stuffed zucchinis. Next, start stuffing them as much as possible, but also leave 1/4 inch of space by the opening to make sure the zucchini doesnt break apart when rice expands. Kousa Mahshi - How to stuff zucchini by Zaatar and Zaytoun Watch on Recipe Notes If you prefer to pre-cook the meat for the stuffing, lightly saut the onion until translucent then add the meat and cook for around 10 minutes until most of the juices run dry. You can also use tomato concentrate combined with water. Add tomato juice and enough water to cover plate, then bring to boil. this is really really delicious food i always request this to my boyfriend coz his mom is really good in doing this stuffing i can eat 8pcs in one sitting only. You dont have to cook the meat all the way as it will finish cooking in the sauce. I tried your Musakkan recipe a while back it was beautiful. Put the pot on medium to high heat until it boils. It is a complete healthy meal that satisfies a hungry mouth and stomach. Mahshi which means stuffed, an Arabic word for so many different variations of stuffed vegetables. selected = false;

1 medium onion- diced 1 teaspoon ground all spice 1 teaspoon ground black pepper 1 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon olive oil For the garlic sauce 3 cups whole milk- plain 3 garlic cloves- crushed 1 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon corn starch 2 cups water- reserved from zucchini broth For the pine nuts 1 tablespoon olive oil 1/4 cup pine nuts Instructions Add the garlic and saute an additional 2 minutes. Within the Palestinian cuisine, there are a large variety of vegetables that can be used for stuffing. So the easy alternative is to use ground meat, which is a time savior, and the dish will taste just as good. With your hands squeeze well to get rid of all water. The word mahshi in Arabic means stuffed so kousa mahshi would mean stuffed zucchini. Anyway, I might give this recipe a bash and tell you how I go and hope the hubby likes it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

htmlEmbedDropdownValidation: function(field) { Inviting someone to eat kousa mahshi that you have prepared means a lot to them since it takes time and effort to make it. Shawarmat Dajaj (Chicken Shawarma) 101. It's a tradition to end this meal with pita bread and olives. Very clear and concise. Remove from heat and serve hot. Which is Arabic for bon apptit, which literally translates to Two Healths to you., #zucchini #vegtables #stuffedvegetables #kousa #mahshi #arabfood #stuffedfood #comfortfood. Mix the rice, ground beef or lamb, salt, oil, and spices. ZjE2NzM1MjEyN2MxMGI3OTZkY2IxMmJjYjFlYmM4OTViZThmZTVlYzQ5YWYw I got that special knife ages ago from a Lebanese friend and never got around using it! Zucchinis and eggplants are some of the most popular vegetables to be stuffed. You can cook it with Basmati rice as well. this.fieldAndListValidation(); Kousa is the Arabic word for zucchini or courgette. Start stuffing them as much as possible but also leave inch of space by the opening. if(val == '') { Sprinkle crushed garlic on top and then layer the stuffed marrows. document.body.removeChild(script); (Salad) Oh, its so tasty. You would need a Special tool like an apple corer to make the job easier. In a saucepan, heat the vegetable oil and fry the lamb chops. 1 c medium-grain rice 2 TB olive oil 1 large onion, finely chopped ~3 cloves garlic, minced 2 c peeled and diced tomatoes, with their juices (you can use fresh or canned) 3 oz tomato paste 1 tsp ground allspice 2 tsp salt, divided tsp ground black pepper, divided 2 beef bouillon cube 2 bay leaves c chopped fresh parsley As an alternative, you can opt to make the exact same stuffed zucchini recipe and cook it in a yogurt-based sauce without tomatoes. It looks terrific! } else {

checkboxAndRadioValidation: function(field) { this.initialize();

fill only about of the kousa with the stuffing, and dont pack it in. I love middle eastern food, its my favorite, without a doubt. 2022 FalasteeniFoodie. margarine or butter; 2 bay leaves; 1/2 tsp. Your email address will not be published. Cover the pot with a lid and place it on the stove. this.submit.className = 'disabled'; text = this.submit.getAttribute('data-choose-list'); I will send a review after Ive tried your recipe. } else { Add enough water to cover all the zucchini. For the zucchini filling, mix together the reserved onion and garlic, raw ground meat, uncooked rice, melted butter, 1 tsp salt, tsp pepper, and allspice. Kousa is courgette in Arabic and these delicious Middle Eastern courgettes are stuffed with a spiced minced lamb and Egyptian rice, cooked in a tomato broth.. Saut until its a bit browned and crumbles. Greek yogurt and parsley sprigs for finishing. Or a vegetarian herbal rice stuffing (one of my absolute favorites) The stuffing varies depending on the vegetable or the meat. With a serrated knife, lightly score the outsides to make grooves on the zucchini skin, Wash the rice and soak in some water for around half an hour. You can replace it with vegan butter or vegetable ghee. This recipe is based on a version that I had in Beit Sahour, Palestine, though it is not an exact replicalike any traditionally home-cooked dish from this region, there . His mother used to make this dish. The word mahshi in Arabic means stuffed so kousa mahshi would mean stuffed zucchini. instances = Widget.BasicDropdown.instances; The problem is, it can be very hard to find here.) Place in a large pot in a single layer, continue until all squash have been stuffed. Once it starts boiling cover with lid and turn the heat on low. Add the minced meat to the rice. My kitchen, or matbakh, is a hodgepodge of recipes from the U.S. and Mediterranean region. Serve in deep bowls, with the tomato sauce on top. Great recipe! Using kitchen scissors, cut at the twist to separate. this.formSubmitting();

It has to be about 5 mm thick. So the stuff or the pulp of the vegetable that we core out is often used in the dish itself like I did here in this recipe, or cooked separately often sauted in olive oil with onions and garlic and eaten with bread. Repeat with remaining sausages. I will make it again and again . For stuffing mix the rice, ground beef or lamb, salt, oil, and spices. if(field.className.indexOf('invalid') == -1) field.className += ' invalid'; In fact, zucchini flesh is the main ingredient of many recipes as omelets, purees, and vegan smoothies. } this.form.addEventListener('submit', this.onFormSubmit.bind(this)); I also prefer emtabbal betenjan because youre right, it has more kick. We even stuff our meats with stuffed vegetables ;). Then add the rest of the raw ingredients and stuff the zucchini accordingly. I have even seen people add stuffed tomatoes and potatoes there are no limits really. Maybe I tried this at their house. NjIxOGQ0M2I2OGIyYmJmYTBmNGM1NzQ2M2JhYTFjZTg0YjFlZWMyNTMxMDY2 What a neat way to stuff zucchini.. the filling sounds wonderful! Sneeyet Lahmeh ou Khodra (Oven-Baked Beef & Veggies) 98. }, However, if it isnt available, you can replace it with grey squash, Mexican squash, Lebanese zucchini, Calabacita, white courgette, yellow or green squash. },

Stuffing vegetables is often seasonal depending on what vegetable is in season. This dish is that kind of food that becomes more appetizing the next day. We even stuff our meats with stuffed vegetables ;). },

if(!validEmail.test(email.value)) { MDg5ZTMwNWU1YjFiNzIxZDJhYzYyZTZmY2NiZDY2NDk5ODMxNjI5MzUwMTMy this.updateSubmitButtonText(this.submit.getAttribute('data-thanks')); Cook for about an hour and a half, you can test for doneness with a fork. Originally prepared with a filling that contains meat, I chose to make it vegan this time. for(var j = 0; j < inputs.length; ++j) { } if(field.className.indexOf('invalid') == -1) field.className += ' invalid'; I only recommend products that I love and use. Kibbeh Nayeh Recipe (Lebanese Raw Kibbeh), Ground Beef Zucchini Rice Casserole (Sliced Mahshi Kousa), Egyptian Mahshi Crumb (Stuffed Cabbage Rolls), Lebanese Stuffed Grape Leaves (Warak Enab). Pour the stock over the leaves until the water reaches the same level as the leaves. We will also use it in this recipe. So you can keep it refrigerated up to 4 days and store it in the freezer for 3 months maximum. Make sure the rice is well cooked from the inside. Bring the stuffed zucchinis to a boil for around 10-15 minutes. N2U3MDIwNGI0NDgxNjAwNGU3OGVlOWQ2MDM5ZjQyNmU1YTM3OWVhNDRjZjJi From zucchini, to eggplants, carrots, onions. The flavors here are authentic and portions are meant for sharing i.e. MzIyNGJhZDljYjU2NmRjMmRlNmMwZTMwMDdhNzYiLCJzaWduYXR1cmUiOiI3 PREP: 15 mins COOK: 35 mins TOTAL: 50 mins Save to Favorite Recipes EMAIL PRINT RATE Servings: 4 Ingredients 8 kousas (small/medium sized) 20 ounces tomato juice (or tomato paste mixed with water) 7. To check if the zucchini is done, remove a piece and cut it in half. top.location.href = result.redirect; Each zucchini (squash) is filled with spiced vegetables, toasted pine nuts and rice cooked in a delicious tomato broth. Its common for Middle Easterners to cook stuffed squash in yogurt (laban). Mexican squash: Get ones that are small in size and have a light green color. Lebanese stuffed zucchini cooked in a tomato sauce, Wash the zucchini well. My hubby is Middle Eastern and Im American, so Im in the same boat that you areI had to learn a whole new cuisine for my hubby! this.callbackName = 'jsonp_callback_' + Math.round(100000 * Math.random()); Mix the tomato paste with the vegetable stock and pour into the pot to cover the stuffed marrows. Mix the spices together with the olive oil, then brush onto each chicken piece, making sure to get the underside. After draining, place it in a bowl and cover with water, allowing it to soak for at least 30 minutes. The rice-and-meat filling is usually flavored with samneh (clarified butter), fried onions, pine nuts, and herbs and . The meat version is served hot, as a main course. }); mmmmm! Thats what I had here with the extra stuffing. At this point, reduce to medium-low heat, and cover. Use your hands or a spoon to mix the stuffing ingredients really well. Batenjen/ batata mahshi: If you can't find zucchini you can create this exact same recipe using cored eggplants or even cored potatoes. Put the pot on medium to high head until it boils. Sheikh al mahshi (Minced meat stuffed zucchini cooked in Yogurt sauce) In a pan add the olive oil and chopped onions. In this Traditional Lebanese dish, kousa is stuffed with a savory meat and rice mixture and simmered in a flavorful tomato broth until tender. You use it to dig your way into the inside of the cousa or you can use the electrical corer that does the coring task much easier. I have seen people stuff zucchinis as small as my pinkie, and cooks would take so much pride in that. Its a delicious, rustic dish with a sweet scent of cinnamon and spice. return 'text_field'; revalidateOnChange: function() { Rinse the rice and drain. Take a small amount with your hand and insert inside the eggplants, keep filling them but make sure the eggplants are not too full, try not to push too much of the stuffing, just gently stuff it in, because rice is uncooked and needs some space, if too full it may break during cooking. Ive spent years dedicating research, digital, and filmmaking skills to come up with content that's just as meaningful as it is inspiring. Add all of the spices and mix, then taste and adjust for salt. Stack the zucchini in the large pot, Taste one zucchini to ensure it is done and if you are happy turn the heat off, Maamoul Mad bi Ashta (Semolina Cream Dessert). The meat is commonly minced and mixed with the rice though I have also eaten kousa mahshi with teeny tiny fillets of lamb or beef scattered throughout the rice. Heat olive oil in a large sauce pan that is large enough to hold the stuffed courgettes along with the broth. Mahshi (, Stuffed Vegetables) Mahshi is the name for a wide group of dishes which include a variety of vegetables stuffed with rice, vegetables, and meat. Just keep coring them out, like carving a pumpkin till you have the walls to about 1/8 inch thick and you reached the bottom. Store this dish in an airtight container in the fridge for up to five days. Honestly? In the summer my Mother made Fatoosh Syrian Salata. Excellent recipe, tasted just like I remembered. Roll away from yourself, trying to keep the roll somewhat tight. I'm an American Lebanese living in Texas. I do not recommend freezing this recipe.

extend(Mimi.Signups.EmbedValidation.prototype, { Not at all! To learn more, please read my. A few of my obsessions include good branding, films, photography, design, art, and of course, food. Wrap the grape leaves into long, thin rolls: place a leaf rough- and veiny-side-up on a cutting board. Looks fabulous! This recipe is my Lebanese family's recipe. In a heavy bottom skillet, heat the oil, add the meat and spices. Kousa Mahshi is a Middle Eastern stuffed Zucchini recipe that has fillings of rice, ground beef, and spices & herbs. Wow. top.location.href = this.formUrl('html'); }, This is a great technique to learn and practice as its used in so many stuffed vegetables. Then drain the rice and add to a large mixing bowl, Add the mince meat, chopped tomatoes, parsley, mint, onion, seven spice, white and black pepper, salt and oil. ODVmYjc2YjQ2ODc2MjIyNTk2NzU3OTEyYmE4MWM2NWZkZmM2ODE2Y2I3OGNi Kousa Mahshi (Stuffed Zucchini in Tomato Sauce) 97. text = this.submit.getAttribute('data-invalid-text'); if(response.success) { ZTVlNzgxMDQ3OGNhODgxNjViNDNiNjdiNDNiYjQ3ZTBmYjMyNTllNWMwNmE3 You can also use pureed tomatoes or canned tomatoes pureed with a hand blender instead. it will be hard to examine the size of each vegetable and how much stuffing it will require. A picture is worth a thousand words. Can't wait to make it myself. I know friends who use it to thicken up baba ghanoush. Leave uncovered and allow to cool while preparing the remaining ingredients. Excellent comment on getting a couple of extra zucchini kousas for practice! This authentic Kousa recipe is a popular Middle Eastern dish made with a spiced beef & rice mixture stuffed in squash and cooked in a garlicky tomato broth! if(input.id == 'signup_email') return;

Kousa mahshi is Lebanese Stuffed Zucchini. } Fold in the sides, but don't fold in very far. (p.s you dont have to publish this as its not a review) val = dropdown.value;

if(document.addEventListener) { Nothing shows that better than our 2 renditions of kousa bil laban or stuffed squash in yogurt sauce. field.className = field.className.replace(/ invalid/g, ''); This is a vegan Lebanese recipe. This is not a skill you can master in one session but you will get better at it. this.removeTextFieldError(email); Stuff loseley since the rice is uncooked and needs some space, if its too full it may burst during cooking. These look wonderful! I have a handy video (see recipe card) to show you a quick and efficient way to get the stuffing in. 2 cups chicken broth I just use water its totally fine (enough to submerge the vegetables). _this.onSubmitCallback(response); The first step and perhaps the most time consuming part is hollowing out the eggplants. Gently roll in the manakra, start with a little cut and slowly pick at it. I have to say, these sound like a bit of work, but it is TOTALLY worth every minute and energy spent! Don't throw away the insides you can fry them off with your morning eggs they are delicious! this.onSubmitSuccess(response.result); Put the pot on med high heat and bring to boil. (Actually, the vegetable they use isnt zucchini its another type of summer squash, called. :). Generated by Wordfence at Tue, 2 May 2023 0:57:04 GMT.Your computer's time: document.write(new Date().toUTCString());. Add the lemon juice on top of the grape leaves, then cook on low heat for an additional 45 minutes. Combine remaining ingredients, except the tomato juice, to make stuffing. Dont discard the pulp. Extra Special Simple Gingerbread Cookies Are Scrumptious, A Simple Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips & Strawberries, The Best Rice Pudding with Arabic Mastic and Rosewater, Roasted Green Chickpeas High In Protein Healthy and Tasty, Stuffed Swiss Chard a Delicious and Unique Vegan Recipe. Spices: Use your favorite seasonings but I like to season the stuffing with garlic powder, onion powder, the 7 spice, bullion powder (vegetable to keep it vegan), coriander powder, dried mint, black pepper, and salt. } It consists of various kinds of squash or zucchini stuffed with rice and sometimes meat and cooked on the stovetop or in the oven. this.isValid = false; Wash the rice and soak it for 15 minutes. Remove of the onion/garlic mixture and reserve in a separate bowl. } Let it cook for an hour to an hour and a half. Required fields are marked *. But I chose to make it vegan this time, so I went without it. I consider this Lebanese kousa recipe comfort food because it has always given me a sense of home. I made enough for leftovers today and Mashallah there wasnt one leftover. You can stuff them with rice and meat or do a vegetarian/vegan version, they are both delicious. If the zucchini doesnt all fit in the pot because theres too much liquid, you can just ladle some out. Later this week I think Im going to make a zucchini curry with it. This is so clever and the combination of rice and spices sounds wonderful. Place makanek on a platter and serve immediately. 1 teaspoon salt. Its like a modified version of the Greek dolmas. } My father used to use the koosa pulp & cooked it in a pan with meat, onions oh so good. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Thank you so much for the recipe! Mahshi kousa is a famous delicious dish that uses cored squash (aka kousa in Arabic). The zucchini shells should be ~.5 cm thick when youre done hollowing them out. Fill up about of each. Home Cuisine Arabic and Middle Eastern Arabic Stuffed Zucchini (Kousa Mahshi). Place the stuffing in a long and thin line in the center of the leaf. Ingredients 8 Zucchini, Black Beauty 2 Large tomatoes, chopped Grape Leaves (For making layers) 1 Large Potatoes, Sliced 1 Boneless Chicken Breast For Stuffing cups of white rice cups of ground beef The rice is soaked in hot water, mixed with beef, and seasoned with spices. Round it until you make enough space, continue the process until all eggplants are done. ZTZlNGRkMjBhODJkNGMwYmY4OWUzMDI2MTg0MGNhNTFmOTA5MDc1ODAzNTQ3 In fact, this hollowing is your job. I love the photographs that show how to make this recipe.

for(var i = 0; i < inputs.length; ++i) { 5 NmY4ZTYzMzFkNGM1ZjEyYjVlOWNlMzI2YTViYTFiOWZhMjM0YzdmNDcxNWE4 initialize: function() { When the oil is hot add the onions and saute for several minutes. if(field.className.indexOf('invalid') == -1) field.className += ' invalid'; Mahshi batinjan ala libo, is one of my favorites amongst the mahshi family. },

removeTextFieldError: function(input) { '&' : '? Kousa is the Arabic word for Lebanese squash. ginger powder; 1/2 tsp . In Palestinian homes the smaller the vegetable for stuffing the better. Calories: 100 Carbs: 1g Fat: 1g Protein: 50g. Stuff each zucchini shell with the meat and rice mixture; pack the mixture down so that when turned upside-down the mixture doesnt fall out of the zucchini; leave a gap of ~ at the top of each zucchini because the rice will expand when cooking. Steps to Prep are the Tender Kousa Mahshi or Stuffed Squash Start by washing the zucchinis and tomatoes and letting them dry. this.revalidateOnChange(); After 10 minutes, add crushed tomatoes to pot and gently stir to not break the zucchini, add 1 tablespoon of salt and bring back to boil. I wasn't sure whether to put onion in the sauce, thanks for clearing that up. At this point, reduce to medium-low heat, and cover. Yum. this.dropdownValidation(field, input); You can also use pureed fresh tomatoes (my grandmothers fav way) you would need about 4 pounds of fresh tomatoes. These have to diluted with water as well. this.textFieldError(email); Cut one tomato in thin round slices and place on top of the dawalis. Dont feel bad if you break few. -----BEGIN REPORT----- Let it simmer on a low bubble for 30-45 minutes. ZDI0MThiMzM3NTAwMGI4MjRlNzMwZWEzOWMyNTBhMjM2NjkwMTBiYjViNDYw huge. We'll be back!" I will definitely make this again, thanks! } else if(field.className.indexOf('checkgroup') >= 0) { The herbs make the dish! 6 1/2 lb of small zucchini; 4 1/2 lb of small eggplants; 3.5 cups of long-grain rice; 1 1/2 lb of ground; lamb meat; 1 onion, diced; 2 Tbsp. You can do this by blitzing some in a food processor, or if you have time peeling the tomatoes and then blending them to make a finer sauce. Get out a nice deep bowl and mix together all the stuffing ingredients till well blended. Wash the zucchinis and tomatoes and let them dry. Some people fry off the meat before especially if they are only using lamb. Stuff each zucchini with the meat mixture. First, place all ingredients for the tomato sauce into a baking dish, massaging the oil, spices and salt onto the vegetables. input.className = 'required invalid'; My husband is from Egypt so he grew up with itmakes me nervous to make any middle eastern dish because Im Canadian but it think I did pretty good for once! I made it veggie, yum yum. Mix well, cover and let sit for 30 minutes until completely absorbed. NTBiZmNmOGE3OTE2ZjZjZjhiYzEyZWI5M2FmMjI1MzM2MTFkOWM4ZmUyY2Zi Check out this mahshi sliced kousa squash casserole recipe if you would like kousa mahshi flavor without the zucchini coring or this Italian meatball stuffed zucchini for an Italian-inspired stuffed zucchini in tomato sauce. The word mahshi in Arabic means "stuffed" so kousa mahshi would mean stuffed zucchini. You need a decent sized pot to bring the whole dish together. Mahshi which means stuffed, an Arabic word for so many different variations of stuffed vegetables. From zucchini, to eggplants, carrots, onions, cabbage, grape leaves, potatoes, tomatoes and even cucumbers can be stuffed. 1 pound of grass fed ground lamb or beef, or poultry, 2.5 cups short grain white rice rinsed (see note), 12-14 (about 4 pounds) small zucchinis (often in the USA referred to as Mexican or white squash), about 5-6 inches long and 1 to 2 inches in diameter. var input = inputs[i]; Place the zucchini on top of each other in a large pot. I know people who always serve kousa mahshi alongside a variety of Lebanese pickled vegetables including cucumbers, radishes, and carrots. This might not be an option at other times of the year and it is perfectly fine to use canned tomatoes (pureed using a hand blender) or my preferred option using pasatta. document.body.appendChild(script); Sahtain ! MDE3YzJkZTgwMzMyNWYyMmU3MWUxZTY1YjQ5MGMyZGRmYTMzNTUwYWFiMjc3 I don't recommend that. } Place the pot on high heat and fill it with of way with water. Suit yourself with the tender veggies, and then have a great time preparing this delicious kousa mahshi (stuffed grey squash) plate. script.src = this.formUrl('json'); OTUzYmM4MTQ1ZGNhYTY2NTE2OGJiZDkxYTBjNDMyZmVhZjMzYzAyY2E5YjE5 Also, wash the rice and soak it for 15 minutes. } Ive had Moutabbal Kousa, which is good, but not my favorite I much prefer Moutabbal Batinjan for the complexity of flavor. Stuffed vegetables are definitely one of my favorites. Delicious vegetables stuffed with fragrant aromatic rice mixture and cooked in tomato sauce. var fields = this.form.querySelectorAll(".mimi_field.required"); Mix 2 vegetable stock cubes in 1 L of boiling water. MWMxMjVmYTdiMWI2OGU0ZWVmNjk2M2U4YTBmNTE4NzRhNTZlMTdiMWRmYzNi Stuff squash, then close with inverted stem ends. Lebanese Makdous (Cured Eggplant with walnuts and peppers). Lay the lamb chops in the bottom of the saucepan and arrange the stued zucchini over it. var inputs = field.getElementsByTagName('input'); To get the perfect Lebanese style koussa mahshi, cook the stuffed zucchinis in water first, then add the tomato paste mixed with a bit more water. }, 2 kg/4 lbs baby zucchini (kousa) 1 recipe of Hashweh; 1 L/1 qt vegetable or other neutral oil with a high smoke point; Yogurt sauce. var dropdown = dropdowns[i], Once all the stuffed zucchinis are in the pot, add enough water to cover them. } else { For the onions, cut off the edges using a very small and shallow cut - you want to keep the onion intact. inputs[j].onchange = this.validate.bind(this); Last Updated on April 13, 2022 by David Wallace. ** You can easily find zucchini corers online, and in most Middle Eastern grocery stores. Thank you for contributing to our meatless mondays recipes!! Rinse the rice and drain. Adapted parts of my grandma's recipe with my mum's and yours, it was delicious !!!! Then a solution struck me, and I couldnt believe I hadnt thought of it sooner: just cut the zucchini into smaller pieces before hollowing it out! var fields = this.form.querySelectorAll('.mimi_field.required');

Add the minced meat to the rice. So, such an invitation is basically a sign of GREAT love. Mahshi is the Arabic word for anything stuffed and this mahshi recipe got them all. Alia, Thanks for letting me know! You put vegan in the caption and beef in the ingredients. Follow the same steps for stuffing zucchinis. Hi Helena,thank you so much for your comment! If you adore cutlets of meat you can line the bottom of the pan with them though again, flash fry them off in a pan before adding to the main pot. This looks so familiar to me. We had some Arabic friends.

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